Ibrahim Ishaq
Leila Aboulela
Sara Aljack
Elhafiz Hussein
Stella Gaitano
Malka El Fadil
Mamoun Eltlib
Eiman Almazri
Mansour El Souwaim

Sudan South Sudan Literature Week
A celebration of all genres of literature

1st – 10th November 2018, London UK

at P21 Gallery and associated partners’ venues
21-27 Chalton Street, London NW1 1JD

OPENING HOURS | Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 12:00hr-18:00hr, Wednesday 12:00hr-20:00hr, Saturday 12:00hr-16:00hr

Curated by Frederique Cifuentes

The Sudan South Sudan Literature Week will take place on Thursday 1st November until Saturday 10th November 2018 at P21 Gallery and various partners’ venues, with a multimedia exhibition and more than 7 events featuring a wide range of authors, from fictions to poetry, children’s literature to cookery, and from workshops to live performances.

The Sudan South Sudan Literature Week will offer a unique experience of both countries contemporary literary scene to visitors and authors alike. The event will investigate the challenges and opportunities faced by writers and literary entrepreneurs; and finally focus on ways of setting up collaborations and literary initiatives between the UK and the East African Region.

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